Benefits Ministry of Christian Renewal Based on the Holy Water from the Rock

04 Dec

Renewal refers to the act of instance of resuming something after an interruption has taken place. Usually, renewal in the Christian perspective refers to the act of cleaning after one has been sinful. As for Christian, it is a region. In Christianity, they believe so much in purification and also been clean to be able to dwell in the holy presence.

Most Christians at to be able to undergo the cleansing process they must first have confessed. What happens is that there are times that one goes astray. One falls into temptations of the world. They forget how to remain faithful to the words and also the holy teachings. When one decides to go back into the way of good leaving the churches one does not just wake up and think they will just move in. One has to confess so that they could be forgiven the sins that they had committed. After confession one is then baptized with the holy water so that they could be declared clean to be able to get in the normal life of a living Christian.

In the biblical teaching, we learn of the holy water from the rock. This was the time that the Israelites were on their journey to the Promised Land. They sinned and even committed bad acts. They got punished for having sinned against the one in authority. They stayed for long without food even after moving for long distances. They prayed and asked for help. What happened is that water started dripping from a rock. These water from the rock it played roles. This main water role was to help in the Christian renewal. Here!

It helped in their renewal because they did ask for forgiveness for they had sinned. So the water helped in their purification. They got clean, and this made it simple for them to be reconciled with their maker. So with the purification, the got in good terms, and they would request for what they would want at all times because they knew that they had a provider.

The water also played the role of satisfying them. This is because they were thirsty from the long travel. With this, they were able to get the strength they needed to fulfill all their duties. This is because water is life as we know. It plays a very important role in our lives. With this, we get to understand the concept of renewal in the Christian life. Be sure to watch this video at for more info about religion.

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