Facts about Ministries That Can Bring Christian Renewal

04 Dec

With the changing dynamics, Christianity ought also to be a notch higher. This is because it is essential for Christians to uphold unto their faith and be able to convert the non-Christians to Christians. Nonetheless, most of these dynamics are making Christians be weaker in faith rather than being strong. It is therefore essential for Christians to guard their faith so that God can work in their situations. When you walk in righteousness as a Christian you become a role model to those who do not believe and through your deeds, you can be able to motivate them to become Christians.

In Christianity, there are several ministries like the intercessory, evangelizing, praise and worship, bible study and hospitality. For Christianity to make sense, all these ministries should be coordinated to yield results. Evangelizing involves spreading the word of God and this can be through social gatherings like crusades or go door to door. Door to door evangelizing consists in moving from one house to the other, preaching to the occupants about the good news. You can read the Bible together and share with them; you can give testimonies that will make the listener see the sense of becoming a Christian. Intercessory means interceding to God through prayers. For you to be a good Christian, you have to be prayerful. On top of praying for yourself, you should pray for others, their needs and even for the needs of the nation like peace and unity. Praying and fasting should be taken seriously by Christians because it is only through prayers God can intervene in our various needs. Click!

Bible study as the name suggests involves thorough scrutiny of the Bible through reading. As Christians, it is imperative to study the bible and get to understand the doctrine and the rules that govern Christianity. Studying the Bible and sharing in groups gives a better platform to the Christians and non-Christians to understand the word of God. Hospitality is broad and involves acts of sympathy to your neighbors. Hospitality involves merciful acts like sharing with the needy, visiting the sick and prisoners, feeding the hungry and providing shelter to the homeless. For more insights regarding religion, visit https://www.huffingtonpost.com/topic/religion-science.

A Christian should be kind-hearted, loving, friendly, merciful, and caring for them to be able to achieve the acts of hospitality. All these ministries should be incorporated in Christianity to renew Christians in their day to day life since most of the people will only be bothered about their lives only. Start now!

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